Agile website & mobile app development process

Here is a complete working process guide to what to include in the design stage of your website and mobile application development.


Development Method / Process Applicability

Agile Development

  • Product development where a software company is developing a small or medium-sized product for sale.
  • Custom system development within an organization, where there is a clear commitment from the customer to become involved in the development process and where there are not a lot of external rules and regulations that affect the software.
  • Because of their focus on small, tightly-integrated teams, there are problems in scaling agile methods to large systems.

Scrum Process

We will follow the Scrum Development Method with Agile Process.

  • The Scrum approach is a general agile method but its focus is on managing iterative development rather than specific agile practices.
  • There are three phases in Scrum.
    • The initial phase is an outline planning phase where you establish the general objectives for the project and design the software architecture.
    • This is followed by a series of sprint cycles, where each cycle develops an increment of the system.
    • The project closure phase wraps up the project, completes required documentation such as system help frames and user manuals and assesses the lessons learned from the project.

Development using SCRUM®

When we reach the stage of actually building your project, it’s vital that all the moving parts come together at the right time. That’s where the global leading methodology- SCRUM comes handy in our process.

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