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vCard - Connecting businesses through a digital marketing tool





Connecting business through a Digitized Marketing Tool.

vCard Global is a perfect marketing platform that aims to change the way we communicate with others and, through the diaphanous function, expand companies. It is a digital business card that contains a mobile website, a resume, schedules of activities, and many more. Likewise, it has helped consumers develop a long-lasting friendship with their contact database or so-called customers.

Design, Build and Deploy

vCard Global
ultimate marketing tool

Our client asked us to develop a great marketing platform that could help organizations sell their products and manage a consumer databases list. The orchestrated strategy was effective enough to grab our back strings. Our analysis department spent countless hours studying the tools needed to create the Vcard. The process took off at a fast pace after the formal strategy was outlined.


Design and Branding

a Digital Business card which features
mobile webpage, resume, event calendars and much more.

Vcard Global was developed to help businesses reach a generation with an eco-friendly digitalized Vcard that not only produces a Vcard, but also includes features that allow consumer details to be stored, the calendar displayed, and much more. Also, vCard has been used by Fortune 500 businesses to help their workers build a better and closer bond with their clients.


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