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Prank Dial

Prank Dial


Use technology to entertain you

The No.1 prank caller worldwide is PrankDial. To provide entertainment, to disturb scam artists, and prank your best friend or friends, it was made. Also, it gives quality audio of multiple situations that are not diaphanous to see past the prank. However, it has proven to be very effective for individuals who got hundreds of calls from multiple hackers or telemarketers.

Design, Build and Deploy

Entertainment Web based application

One of the first online-based applications to prank and annoy your friends be introduced to the market was PrankDial. The customer approached us with a creative idea of creating the website of the prank dial. The theory, though, proved to be simpler than accomplished. We were capable of taking the opportunity to make it possible, though.


Design and Branding

Fun and Entertainment

It was not an easy job to develop the web application and PrankDial's website. We did a few beta checks to make it user-friendly, just to validate the prototypes. Within a certain period, we were able to take the concept into motion with a prototype. On a very good note, we completed the project. The website is actually one of the popular prank calling and television sites.

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