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Using technology to alleviate the food ordering process

Meza is a Point of Sale Platform focused on the cloud. It was designed to maximize the experience of clients and the workload of serving employees. It was similarly designed to reduce the waiting time to access the Point of Sale Terminal for clients in queues. Built especially for the service industry with the small aspects taken into account according to the needs and wishes, Meza was worthy of standing out in the POS tech crowd.

Design, Build and Deploy

Using technology to alleviate
the food ordering process.

It is itself a challenge to develop a point of the service program. The primary reason this program was placed into production was to solve the horrific attitude of the past Point of Service terminal and wait hours to make a purchase. In the production of the Ipad App, providing a robust group of expert personnel and a well-experienced testing team showed to be worthy.




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Design and Branding

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Meza is one of the popular Ipad Support App Points. Having left a mark among workers and clients in the service industry and with increased performance. It has been able to boost revenue in the service industry among business organizations. If it's a little cafe or a huge restaurant, Meza is everybody's preference.

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