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InstAgents - Improvising the reach of education by using technology





Improvising the education reach by using technology

InstAgents is a web-based educational portal for schools, organizations, and organizations. It also consists of AWS cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for simple office management agencies. Likewise, with Customer Relationship Management systems, the Agencies can effectively control and manage their business organizations.  

Design, Build and Deploy

Improvising the education reach by
using technology

We were faced with the challenge of creating a portal for our client-focused on education. With a new creative world ahead of us, we have taken it upon ourselves to create InstAgents, where students can find various consultants, to choose from for their further studies. Likewise, InstAgents also comes with a CRM with a curriculum consultancy. We began the plan with detailed analysis content.  


Design and Branding

Inspiration for InstAgents
brand and design

That wasn't an easy feat to accomplish with InstAgents, but we were able to achieve our set outcomes with a few trials and errors. For educational consultancies to use the program and offer reviews, the product is now live. The product also has a ranking system for students to assess the consultancy based on their success and performance. Overall, it would be possible for InstAgents to hit its set target.


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