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DEWA - Dubai Electricity & Water Authority





Built for the people of Dubai

The governmental website of the government of Dubai is Dewa (Dubai Electric and Water Authority). With robust protection, the website was designed.

Design, Build and Deploy

Built for the people of Dubai

We had to collaborate for Dewa with the prior company's historical scripts, which were capable of creating the website. There was a contact distance with the former firm, however. We had to develop a strategy first and grasp the previous coding vocabulary. However, with little or no coordination, we culminated the project.


Design and branding

Portal each for
Consumers, Builders, Partners, Suppliers and Students

Each DEWA website provides a platform for customers, constructors, associates, distributors, and students. It was not a simple job to build each interface. We ended the project on a good note, but with a few hindrances along the way. The company's branding finished on a good note as well and it is still in service.

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