Our Working Process

Here is a complete working process guide to what to include in the design stage of your website and mobile application development.


Development Method / Process Applicability

Agile Development

  • Creation of web products in which a tech firm produces a small to medium-sized product for sale.
  • Creation of custom mobile web applications within an enterprise, where the client has a strong obligation to engage in the planning process and where there aren't many external policies and rules that impact the program.
  • There are difficulties in implementing innovative practices across larger networks due to their reliance on small, tightly-integrated teams.


Scrum Process

We also adhere to the Agile Framework Scrum Creation System.

The Scrum methodology is a specific agile process, but instead of particular agile methods, its emphasis is on handling adaptive growth.


There are three phases in Scrum.


  • The primary step is an overview of the web application development stage where the basic priorities for the project are defined and the website infrastructure is developed.
  • This is followed by a sequence of time frames, where an increase in the method is developed with each phase.
  • The project completion process finishes the project, concludes the requisite documents such as device support frames and user guides, and reviews the lessons learned.                   

Development using SCRUM®

If all the moving pieces combine at the right moment before, we hit the point of actually constructing the project. That's when SCRUM, the world's leading technique, comes into action in our operation.

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