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on Jan 14, 2020


App Development on IOS and Android platforms is the new trend that app owners are adopting rapidly. Unfortunately, developers, these days seem to devote most of their time and energy on building IOS Apps and Android apps rather than mobile friendly features. This is one of the main reasons why applications don’t catch customer attention. The real challenge for companies like eSignature is to make applications that can add value to your products. How to make an app that can facilitate users the way it should? Here are some of the top features that every mobile app should have in order to be successful.


Simplicity is the key


App Development has evolved greatly, but users still prefer applications that are simple to navigate. It is not a good idea to offer an application that has everything. Your application should be centered on one area and offer all the features that your users need while running it. Make your IOS App or Android App as simple as possible and it should also appear on relevant words when searched on app stores.


Speed and performance


We all agree that an app should look good but eSignature also mentions that performance has great importance as well. To prevent user frustration, it is important for your application to perform well and work responsively both online and offline. The mobile application won’t leave a good impression if it disconnects and fails to work full session continuously.


Push notification


This option can also be paired with analytics for business purpose. It is excellent for sending sports updates directly to the users. The best thing about push notifications is that they are easy to send than emails.


Customers support and updates


Do you want to build an app that lasts long? You need to work on app support and updates. A strong server that ensures your content is up to date and help customers reach you flexible. It is also important to fix issues and add new features timely. A study conducted by Google show that 61% users want to connect with businesses. Add a feature that helps customers connect with business in a single click.


User feedback


This feature is good for the app because it contains valuable information that tells you how your IOS or Android app is doing in real time. It can provide useful information about which features you should improve. It also sends a positive message that company is listening to what users have to say.


Social media connectivity


You can turn on sharing and social media connectivity to better facilitate users. This feature is a great way to satisfy your customers and leave a good first impression. Features like social media interaction make your app an obvious choice, and with social media growing rapidly your business grows too.


Tracking and analytics


Apart from the great user experience, the main objective of a mobile app is to be successful and it can only be achieved when you know what is going on. Tracking and analytics feature helps you understand user behavior and pattern on your mobile app.


Integrate mobile payment


There may be many customers who don’t want to pay via mobile payment methods, but their number is decreasing rapidly. People want quick solutions and mobile payment is just the thing they need. According to statistics, since 2011 mobile transactions per year are increasing at a rapid pace. And with the help of Google Wallet and similar technologies, mobile payment will be growing more.


Simple and responsive design


A great app has a simple and responsive design that adjust layout dynamically according to the screen. A good App development team can provide a code that will detect screen dimensions and load different size for a different brand of phone. Simple and responsive design can make your IOS app or Android app bigger than it actually is.


Customization option


Every user has individual needs and letting users decide what they should have in the app is a great feature. Users should have the option to arrange and personalize components. With hardcore App development, this feature can be integrated into IOS Apps and Android Apps. Users should also be given the option to personalize fonts, size, and similar features. It is also important to have a set degree of customization, over doing can make app difficult for users.


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