EddyBox – Proximity Based Interactive Mobile Marketing

EddyBox – Proximity Based Interactive Mobile Marketing

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EddyBox is a simple yet sophisticated Proximity Based Mobile Marketing Platform designed to accommodate the small business user as well as the Multi Retailer Vendor Environments. It uses beacon broadcasting technology to allow the retailer to target an app user that has crossed its beacon’s proximity. Simply put, you install a beacon; assign a message to it, and when the app user is within range, they receive your special offer. It really is that simple.

Why Eddybox ?

Eddybox’s unique ability to target in store app users, as well as determine those user’s traffic patterns in the store give the retailer a clear understanding as to how their current merchandising layout is performing. Using our extensive analytic and reporting tools, a retailer can determine; what age group moves in what pattern, as well as how those age groups respond to the current in store layout or product offerings. There are many ways in which Eddybox can be used.

How does EddyBox Work?

Using beacons, an EddyBox enabled beacon, when in proximity to an EddyBox Beacon, sends a precreated, customized message or greeting to the beacon using the EddyBox Cloud shared App.

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