Donation to Flood Victim

Donation to Flood Victim

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Extreme rainfall over much of Nepal has caused significant damage and suffering these past few days. According to the Home Ministry, at least 32 people have been killed in floods and landslides this past month, and scores are missing.  Thousands of houses have been inundated. Large numbers of people in the Tarai districts have been trapped in floodwaters.  Roads and other infrastructure have been damaged in a number of places.

Since past few years, eSignature has been a generous companion for the victims of earthquake by donating various needs.  Yesterday, it has donated few buckets filled with basic need supplies for the flood victims with the help of a non-profit organization Fill The Bucket. Fill the Bucket has been collecting various household goods from different companies as well as individuals to support for the flood victims. This nonprofit organization is able to quickly provide aid to thousands of displaced families. These buckets fill with some rice, instant noodles, bottled water, water purifier, energy bars, toothpaste, soap bars, insect repellents, first aid supply, packets of ORS, salt/sugar/oil, sanitary pads and clothes etc. which are prominent for basic survival during the disasters.

eSignature is not only the profit making company but it has also some duties to societies and when it comes to disasters, how can we be reluctant to help” said Brijesh Prasad Gupta, CEO. “This immediate help can make big differences for someone in need.” Said Gupta.

Natural disasters are unavoidable phenomenon however we can reduce the pain of victims by donating as we can. At the time of this tragic moment, eSignature request all the individuals and organization to donate as much as they can.