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Rent A Car Club - Using technology for a car-sharing business



Rent A Car Club


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A gateway to a tenant-based car sharing.

Rent A Car Club is a car-sharing business based in Bangkok, Thailand. What makes Rent a car club stand out of the crowd, from other car rentals. It is based on the sharing module, which helps in deducting the unnecessary cost. It is similar to how Airbnb avoids its accommodation costs. Furthermore, the business is growing steadily, with high aims and hopes. Rent A Car Club has arranged insurance of the vehicles with Viriyah Insurance while providing the service. Similarly, Rent A Car Club has helped in strengthening the tourism sector in Thailan

Design, Build and Deploy

Designing an app for the world of
car-sharing business based on the tenancy.

When we commenced with the project, our client didn’t have enough details about the project. The Client just had the idea of what needed to be built. We listed out the requirements of the Clients, and after understanding the requirements, we supported the client with different phases of challenges, back and forth communication gave us a polished and satisfying outcome as per the requirement of the client. Finally, after 2 months of working on the details wireframing and understanding each page, we got a satisfying result in a mockup as per the demand of our client.




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Design and Branding

Inspiration for Rent a Car Club
brand and design

The Solution

Hard work pays off in the end, our chosen technology was much preferred by the client. Our work was heavily applauded by the client. Creating a unique search for filtering the car owners as per the location, price, make and the feature was the solution. Likewise, creating a booking system made the service one of the best and preferred car rental services in Thailand.

The Results

We’ve included some of the marvellous features in this project. RentACarClub is now one of the best and most recognized car rental businesses in Thailand. It is now recognized as one of the most preferred car rentals in Thailand. Furthermore, it has also been able to make a prosperous impact on the tourism sector of Thailand. RentACarClub is known to be worth more than 20 million baht as of 2017 and its shares rise from 10%-20% annually.

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