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Prank Dial


Use technology to entertain you

PrankDial is the global no.1 prank caller. It was developed with the purpose of having entertainment, to annoy scammers and prank your best friend or colleagues. Moreover, it provides quality audio of different scenarios which are not diaphanous to see through the prank. However, it proved to be effective for the people who were getting dozens of calls from different scammers or telemarketers.

Design, Build and Deploy

Entertainment Web based application

PrankDial was one of the first online based applications to have been brought to the market. We were confronted by the client with a unique idea of developing the prank dial webpage. However, the idea seemed to be easier though than achieved. However, we were ready to take the challenge.

Design and Branding

Fun and Entertainment

Designing the web application and the page of PrankDial wasn't an easy task. We did a few beta tests, just to test the designs to make it user friendly. Within some time, we were ready with a prototype to take the development into action. We achieved the project on a quite successful note. Currently the platform is one of the famous platforms for prank calling and entertainment. 

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