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Using technology to alleviate the food ordering process

Meza is a cloud-based Point of Sale Software. It was made to improve the customer experience and the workload of the staffs in the catering business. Similarly, it was designed to alleviate the waiting time for customers in queues to use the Point of Sale Terminal. Designed specifically for the Hospitality industry with the minor details kept in mind as per the needs and want, Meza has been able to stand out in the crowd of POS software.

Design, Build and Deploy

Using technology to alleviate
the food ordering process.

Building a Point of Service Software is itself a challenge. Overcoming the hideous outlook of the previous Point of Service terminal and waiting in line to make an order, was the main reason this software was put into development. Having a comprehensive team of experienced staff and a well-experienced research team proved to be worthy in the development of the Ipad Software




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Design and Branding

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brand and design

Meza is one of the famed Point of Service Software for Ipad worldwide. Having made an impact in the Hospitality industry and with improved efficiency among staffs and customer. It has been able to increase sales among business entities in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a small cafe or a big restaurant, Meza is the choice for everyone.

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