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Experts in both IOS and Android design and development, Codal’s engineers craft engaging, immersive apps that users love.

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There’s a reason to chose esignature among the top web development agencies…

Whether it’s an online store, a marketing site, a landing page, or anything in between—E-Signature’s expert business analysts, developers and designers can identify exactly how to tailor your site to meet your short- and long-term business goals. Because while our business cards say we’re a web development company, that’s only part of our purpose. At E-Signature, we’re in the business of solving business problems. Making pixel-perfect websites is just one of the ways we do it.

What we bring to the table

User experience design

eSignature's expert team of designers architect immersive mobile user experiences that engage your clientele on an interactive platfork

Android development

Experts in Java and Kotlin, ESignature's engineers can efficiently build your native app, the most popular, customizable operating system available today.

iOS development

ESignature's mobile app development teams are well versed in industry stantards, and the system behind the most successful applications in the world is no exception.

App store optimization

Your app has been designed, developed, tested, polished, perfected-now let us go the extra mile and ensure it performs to its maximum potential.

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Our agile process for web design and development

We don’t just build websites, we bring value to your business, helping you reach further, increase engagement and maximise sales. Here’s how we do it.

about us

Group photo of our web design and development team during the award and training event.



  • We will start by understanding your business and your long tests and short term goals.
  • This will help us formulate a sitemap for a goal driven user experience.
  • Then, we will provide you with a project proposal with total cost and timeframes.


Strategy + User Experience

  • We will conduct a workshop to brainstorm all key features of the project and develop a product backlog of the functional and nonfunctional requirements.
  • Next, we will wireframe all the pages of the website.
  • We’ll help you develop a content strategy to acquire, convert, retain and nurture your potential customer
  • And we’ll provide you with our project specification document so you’ll know the ins and outs.



  • Based on the wireframe and the brand guidelines, our UI team will create the horse page of the website to define the ‘design direction’.
  • Once the home page has been signed off, we will design the rest of the pages utilising atomic design principles.




  • Our quality assurance team will prepare detailed test cases to cover all the functionality of the website application.
  • We’ll complete and provide reporting on the functional test execution and any defects detected
  • There’ll be an opportunity for client acceptance testing
  • In addition, our UX and UI team will also conduct usability testing before each major release to ensure the highest quality is maintained.



Maintenance + Optimisation

  • We’ll perform regular CMS and plugin updates
  • You’ll receive ongoing server support and maintenance
  • We’ll continue to help you implement the user engagement strategy and optimise your website based on analytics and your KPIs

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Benefits of developing your website
with E-Signature


Industry leader

We are leaders in website design and development in Australia. When you work with us and you get over a decade's experience, with the latest technology, practices, and standards needed to develop a website on time and on budget.



We have one of the most experienced and largest team of website designers and developers in Sydney. Most of our 180+ in-house developers have been working with us for over 15 years and producing award-winning website design.


Agile process

With over 15 years of experience, we have a solid process to handle projects of any size and complexity. We have built an infrastructure that will allow us to scale up or down resources for the best quality and most affordable outcome.


Always in-house

We don’t outsource; we source, hire, train and payroll all our talented employees, so you know the people working on your project are of the highest calibre and completely trustworthy.


Proven results

As Australia’s most successful website design company, we’ve been trusted by industry leaders such as Newscorp Australia, Optus, UNSW and many more organisations for their website design and development projects.


Cost effective

We do all our client comms, UX, UI, Quality assurance and product management in Sydney. We do all our development in our own development centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hence, keeping the cost of development down without compromising quality or time.

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